MBG - Mathias Baumann Group

Welcome to the official MBG homepage.

After coming to Ireland Mathias started studying Jazz Performance at Blackrock's Newpark Music Centre, a melting pot for musicians from all over the world. This is where he formed MBG - Mathias Baumann Group in 2012. The band features an international line-up of musicians. Together the septet performs original compositions written by Mathias. Influenced by different genre and composers Mathias always searches for new harmonic and rhythmic textures with interesting melodic movement. The result is catchy and powerful music with a strong groove and great diversity. Extended arrangements are complimented by open improvisations so that interaction between the band members always drives the songs to new horizons.

Guitar: Mathias Baumann (GER)
Violin: Tadhg Byrne (IRL)
Viola: Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh (IRL)
Cello: Aleka Potinga (RUM)
Piano: Judith Font (ESP)
Double Bass: Bazz Rycraft (IRL)
Drums: Abel Benito (ESP)

Visit the official Mathias Baumann homepage here: www.mathiasbaumann.com

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